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Hypnotherapy Helping to Take the Heat Out of 'The Menopause'

For the majority of women, the menopause is an inevitable part of life. The menopause is when a women’s reproductive system eventually stops working. This often happens naturally, at the average age of 51, but for some it can be brought on early due to having a hysterectomy, cancer treatment, chemically or as a preventative measure.

Some women are fortunate enough to go through the menopause with either no or few symptoms, but for many the symptoms can have a massive negative impact on their physical and mental health. The list of possible symptoms is extensive but the most common are:

· Hot flushes – these begin very quickly and usually start from the middle of the body and spread upwards. These can be unbearable and can feel just like a volcano erupting and can last for about 30 to 60 seconds and sometimes longer. They cause sweat to run down your face, neck and chest and your mind slows down or even stops. Hot flushes can be very debilitating leading to mood swings and anxiety.

The anxiety created from the fear of having a hot flush whilst in a social situation and not being able to leave may stop some women from going out.

· Night sweats are the same as hot flushes but at night. They are often less frequent but the heat is more intense and can last longer. Some women will wake up and find themselves drenched with sweat and will need to change the bedding. This can go on for many months, even years, leading to severe lack of sleep which then has a knock- on effect on the ability to focus, concentrate and even function at times.

The main medical interventions are HRT and anti-depressants. These can help, however there are some people unable to take HRT due to hormone related cancers and some may choose not to take HRT.

Clinical trials, conducted in 2012 by the Baylor Institute in America, reported that ladies using hypnosis were having fewer hot flushes and were also able to reduce the heat.

“I am able to offer a holistic alternative, ‘The Menopause Relief Programme’, that can help with the symptoms and has been proven to be highly effective. This comprises of hypnosis and practical tools that women can use to help themselves. Hypnosis is naturally very relaxing and through the power of your imagination it’s possible for individuals to visualise the changes they need to make. The mind and body are very much connected, the way we think has a massive effect on how we physically feel. We literally do feel what we think. Often we talk ourselves out of doing things we don’t want to do convincing ourselves that we are unwell, so we don’t go. Equally we can use the power of our mind to focus on feeling good and how we want to feel in the future. All the work achieved in the hypnotherapy session is backed up with recordings, for the client to listen to daily, so progress continues between sessions.”

Some practical tools to help include:

· When eating a hot meal make sure you have a cold drink rather than a hot one. Two hot things together can be enough to trigger a hot flush

· Ensure you have a healthy, well -balanced diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. Night sweats can be triggered by a drop in sugar levels which can be caused by skipping meals

· Drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated

· Just slowing down a little so you’re not constantly racing around can help to reduce the hot flushes

For more information on how ‘The Menopause Relief Programme’ could help you contact Debbie on 07774061411, or visit

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