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I went to see Debbie for help with work related stress and anxiety that was over spilling into my personal life and affecting my eating habits in a negative way, I also had a terrible sleep pattern. Debbie is so understanding and friendly and made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the start. I had been sceptical about this type of therapy, but I am so pleased. I haven't been able to manage my stress levels for around 4 years, but after following techniques that Debbie taught me, my stress levels are finally under control. I am feeling like myself again and my eating is following a more normal pattern AND for the first time in over 9 years I am sleeping through the entire night. I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie. (Bev)


Absolutely brilliant. I so needed to be able to travel on boats without being sick and I followed the therapy to the letter, wondering if it would work? Went on a boat around Padstow in wind and big swell, came off and I was fine. Debbie is amazing! (Maggie)


Debbie has helped me so much with lots of different things, stress, anxiety and sleep. She gave me lots of time and compassion, there was never a time where I felt uncomfortable, rushed or pressure. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so glad I found her. (Kirstine)


I can highly recommend Debbie's clinical hypnotherapy, her approach is professional and helps you feel supported and at ease. My anxiety and stress issues were dealt with in just a few sessions and have given me confidence to get back on track with my life. (Sara)


Debbie came to our workplace to provide hypnotherapy sessions. She was fantastic throughout, able to ascertain each person's needs and tailor the experience to the individual even in a group setting. I can't recommend Debbie enough, either as a group or on your own. (Martyn)


Debbie was absolutely fantastic! As an incredibly nervous flyer, having to take 4 flights (including 2 long haul) in the space of 4 weeks as I travelled the USA seemed impossible for me. However, after my sessions with Debbie, I have never felt more comfortable on a plane. I am so grateful for her commitment and support during our sessions. Going into hypnotherapy, I was nervous about what to expect however Debbie was excellent and so reassuring during all of my sessions, by the end I felt super relaxed and content for the entirety of the process. (Jack)


I went to Debbie due to suffering with a few issues, ongoing issues and she was amazing. So understanding, reassuring and made me feel so at ease. Debbie would always listen to me and helped me through so much. So much so that I’ve overcome a lot of my problems. Even my family noticed a difference in me and that meant a lot. I still have the recordings now and go back to them as and when needed and they always make me feel better. Forever grateful for all the hard work and dedication Debbie has put into helping me. Never made me feel rushed, or out of place and I cannot thank her enough :) x (Holly)


Debbie has helped me beyond my expectations. I wanted to play my harp outside my home but was just too afraid to go anywhere and play it. In just 2 sessions and with lots of practicing what she taught me, I went out and played in my local church. The joy this has given others and myself is unbelievable. Debbie is a very skilled hypnotherapist, I can not recommend her more highly. (Bev)


Debbie has recently held some group sessions with us focussing on stress management. I have found these very useful and Debbie has taught some very straight forward but effective techniques that will benefit me in the work place and anywhere. Very helpful and great instruction throughout. Thanks Debbie (Nick)


Debbie has recently held some group sessions with us focussing on stress management. I have found these very useful and Debbie has taught some very straight forward but effective techniques that will benefit me in the work place and anywhere. Very helpful and great instruction throughout. Thanks Debbie (Laura)


A member of my family visited Debbie having anxiety through lack of sleep, loss of voice for over 4 months and suffering stress from illness of a close family member.
Immediately, Debbie made family member feel at ease with much of the above being discussed at length. During the following weeks Debbie worked through each of the points discussed.
Amazingly after two sessions, sleep patterns were re-established, a few more sessions voice recovered, during this time learning different strategies to manage stress.
Some of these strategies will remain for life.
We have recommended Debbie services since with many more successful stories to be told.
Thanks Debbie (Ald)


Debbie is just fantastic! So kind and helpful. I went to Debbie after struggling with IBS anxiety-I was feeling really low. After only 3 sessions I am feeling SO much better. I am now focusing on more positive thoughts and generally feeling back to my normal self. Couldn't recommend her any more. (Zoe)

Debbie has been great for me. I've battled some 'demons' for a long time. Mainly confidence based. 1 of which has been calmed and has enabled me to move forward and build on that nervous control which can take over to stop me from performing my tasks in the day job.
Big thanks to Debbie for her warmth and guidance. If I need anything else, I will be sure to go back! (Stefan)

I visited Debbie for help with health issues.  She was very easy to talk to and we explored  a number of hypnotherapy techniques.  6 months later, I am able to call upon those techniques to help on a daily basis.  I'd thoroughly recommend Debbie Routly for clinical hypnotherapy. (Karen)


Debbie Routly is a caring professional person who has made a huge contribution to my recovery from depression and anxiety.  She was recommended to me by a friend, and knowing very little about hypnotherapy I was quite sceptical, but keen to support any avenue that might help me.

I don't know if hypnotherapy works for everyone but it has been of huge benefit to me .  Debbie is the sort of person who would tell you if she couldn't help, although I think that is unlikely.

Debbie provides so much for her fee, because in addition to hypnotherapy she acts as a councillor (each session starts with a discussion.) In addition she makes an audio recording of each session so that you can listen to them between sessions. She also provides supporting documentation for things such as breathing techniques and self-hypnosis.

This has been a very positive experience for me and I know I must work on my mental health every day.  Thank you Debbie

(Roger) - all of the sessions with Roger were carried out online and were just as successful as face to face.


During the winter of 2017/18 I began to experience some worrying symptoms. Shortness of breath, a feeling that I couldn’t fill my lungs . A racing heart beat. This didn’t happen often but when it did it was quite frightening. My mind would race, and I was convinced something was seriously wrong. My GP was kind, ran the usual checks. Blood pressure etc. I had a chest X-ray as well. Nothing was physically wrong and he offered me a mild anxiety prescription. Once I noticed the symptoms, I struggled to get past them and sometimes spent days struggling to get a lungful of air, to the point where I had a constant pain in my back. By chance a friend mentioned that she knew a recently qualified Hypnotherapist. And so it was that I met Debbie.

We had an initial informal chat, and I checked in again with my practice nurse to ensure no physical problems. I then had 5 sessions of Therapy over 6 weeks. I can honestly tell you it was brilliant. Debbie assured me that despite what I might have believed, I was completely in control at all times. The sessions were very relaxing. We talked about my life and worries and Debbie used this information to guide the Hypnotherapy. After each session she gave me some breathing exercises and key phrases to repeat whenever I felt anxious or experienced any of my previous symptoms. As the weekly sessions passed I began to regain control of my anxiety. I have never gone back to feeling as unwell and anxious as I was. I still use the phrases, to reassure myself from time to time but it is hardly necessary.


Debbie is kind, professional explains everything clearly and I wholeheartedly recommend her services . (Lizzie)

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