During the winter of 2017/18 I began to experience some worrying symptoms. Shortness of breath, a feeling that I couldn’t fill my lungs . A racing heart beat. This didn’t happen often but when it did it was quite frightening. My mind would race, and I was convinced something was seriously wrong. My GP was kind, ran the usual checks. Blood pressure etc. I had a chest X-ray as well. Nothing was physically wrong and he offered me a mild anxiety prescription. Once I noticed the symptoms, I struggled to get past them and sometimes spent days struggling to get a lungful of air, to the point where I had a constant pain in my back. By chance a friend mentioned that she knew a recently qualified Hypnotherapist. And so it was that I met Debbie.

We had an initial informal chat, and I checked in again with my practice nurse to ensure no physical problems. I then had 5 sessions of Therapy over 6 weeks. I can honestly tell you it was brilliant. Debbie assured me that despite what I might have believed, I was completely in control at all times. The sessions were very relaxing. We talked about my life and worries and Debbie used this information to guide the Hypnotherapy. After each session she gave me some breathing exercises and key phrases to repeat whenever I felt anxious or experienced any of my previous symptoms. As the weekly sessions passed I began to regain control of my anxiety. I have never gone back to feeling as unwell and anxious as I was. I still use the phrases, to reassure myself from time to time but it is hardly necessary.


Debbie is kind, professional explains everything clearly and I wholeheartedly recommend her services .