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Grief and loss are something we will all experience at some stage in our life. Grief is usually due to the loss of a loved one but it can also be due to the loss of a job, friendship, home, relationship, health, freedom, choice and empty nest to name but a few.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve however it is important that you give yourself time to grieve as running away from it often makes it worse. Time is needed to deal with the rollercoaster of emotions so that you can heal.

It is believed that there are 5 stages of grief, these aren’t always all experienced by everyone and some people may experience some stages more than once.

1. Denial - ‘This isn’t happening to me’

2. Anger - ‘How is this happening, who/what can I blame’

3. Bargaining – ‘Stop this from happening and I’ll ---'

4. Depression – ‘I’m so upset I can’t do anything’

5. Acceptance – ‘Ok I’ve accepted this and I’m at peace with it’

A few things you can do to help with grief:

1. Talk to others about the deceased and remember the good times. It’s ok to laugh and feel ok about that

2. Talk out loud to the deceased. This helps to get things off your chest

3. Have a memory box with special things that remind you of the deceased so in moments of sadness you can remind yourself of the good times

4. Have a day each year where you celebrate the life of the deceased

5. Know that it’s ok to cry, we are designed to cry for a reason and it helps to release emotions. We often feel better after a good cry, let the tears do their work

If you are grieving and feel you are struggling, please contact me as hypnosis can help. Call 07774061411 or email

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