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The Menopause Relief Programme

The menopause is something that the majority of women will experience usually between the age of 45 - 55. The menopause is when a women's reproductive system is unable to reproduce any longer. 

Some women will be fortunate enough to go through the menopause with few or no symptoms. However for many they will experience symptoms that are often debilitating and have a huge effect on both their physical and mental health.  There are currently thought to be 43 possible symptoms related to the menopause.  The main ones being: hot flushes, night sweats, sleeplessness, mood swings and anxiety.  The current medical intervention consists of HRT and anti-depressants.  Some ladies may not be able to have HRT due to previous cancers or may choose not to take hormone treatments.

The menopause relief programme is able to offer a drug free alternative.  This programme takes a holistic approach giving you the practical tools needed to help you which is then reinforced with hypnosis enabling you to make the changes needed.  This programme has been proven to reduce the amount of hot flushes and reduce their intensity helping you to achieve a better nights sleep and in turn reduce the associated mood swings and anxiety.

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