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Could Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy is effective and safe and can often help people with issues, they have had for a long time, in just a few sessions. It consists of talking therapy, where the positive changes needed to improve and change someone’s life are discussed which are then reinforced in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of awareness and consciousness, into which individuals allow themselves to enter so positive suggestions for change are easily accepted. This altered state, the trance state, is extremely relaxing and pleasant. We naturally enter a hypnotic state many times a day, for example, when engrossed in a TV programme oblivious of anything else around us or when we're driving our car and suddenly realise we’ve reached our destination but don't remember part of the journey.

Often the only knowledge people have of hypnosis is the stage hypnosis that they have seen on TV. People fear they will not be in control and made to do things against their wishes or worry they will become stuck in hypnosis and wonder whether they have even been hypnotised. In reality, whilst in hypnosis you are in full control at all times and cannot be made to do anything against your wishes. Should you wish to bring yourself out of hypnosis at any stage you can simply do this by opening your eyes.

I have used hypnotherapy to help people with lots of different issues. Here are a few examples:

· Stress and anxiety affect most people at some point in their lives. Using hypnotherapy I have helped lots of clients by identifying the triggers and teaching them the skills needed to help manage and change their response enabling them to take back control and live a calmer more relaxed life. These skills are there to use for life.

· Sleep problems are very common. One of my first clients came to me having been unable to achieve a good night sleep for many years. I worked with them and helped them restructure their day so they wound down towards the evening and established a better night time routine which signalled to their mind that it was soon time for bed. Along with breathing techniques that I taught and techniques for stopping unwanted thoughts they were then able to achieve the deep, restorative sleep they needed and deserved.

· Stress plays a big part in people suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome. Using stress management techniques and imagery I have helped clients with taking back control of their digestive system, so they are no longer afraid to leave the house, for fear of needing the toilet.

· For teenagers exam time brings with it a lot of stress and worry. I have helped them to manage this stress and anxiety teaching them techniques they can use for the rest of their lives enabling them to be much calmer, relaxed and focused about revision and exams therefore reaching their potential.

· Clients have been able to take back control of their panic attacks. One of my clients had been experiencing multiple attacks every day. I worked with this client helping them to focus their attention externally, when they sensed an imminent attack, rather than self- monitoring and they were able to quickly take control of these scary attacks. I worked with this client nearly 2 years ago and they are still using the techniques I taught them and panic attacks are now a distant thing of the past.

· One client had lost their voice, initially following on from a virus but many weeks later could still only whisper, after being checked out by an ENT specialist it was decided that there was no physical cause and was likely to be stress related. After working with this client over a number of sessions, the symptoms of stress were reduced, and they regained full use of their voice.

· Many of my clients have become non-smokers using hypnosis, having smoked for many years, in just one session having arrived as a smoker and leaving as a non-smoker.

· Hypnotherapy has enabled many of my clients to take control of their weight and achieve their desired shape and size by changing their relationship with food.

Clients often report many months after having had hypnotherapy, that they still use the skills and techniques that they learnt and continue to benefit from them.

The list of issues that hypnotherapy can help with is extensive. If you are unsure as to whether hypnotherapy could help you then please contact me. I am here to help our community.

Appointments are now available face to face or online. For more information visit , call 07774061411 or email

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